First of all,thank you for your interest in my work.

I´m Max and I´ve been working in wedding photography for 13 years.  I think that since I realized that an image could transport you and excite you again even if 30 or 40 years had passed. That´s when I decided not to leave my camera anymore.

I think the key to getting good pictures at a wedding and making them look like the ones you´ve  seen here,is confidence.


In my experience shotting weddings I know  it´s very important to document all those details in which you put so much love and dedication.

Story Book

Let other Generations see and feel what you felt that day. Leave them a visual legacy of the wedding rather than a simple Album. We will include only the necesary photos that tell the story, with a clean and elegant desing. Carefully selected and edited between color and black and white. Remember, less is more.

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